I feel very emotional today. Feels like no one understands me. it is very strange feeling. I don't wanna be sad as my baby may feel same. how can I control this emotions?

just make urself busy by reading books,  whatever religion u follow read that books too...  listen to music....  don't worry much Abhi...  just take care of urself...  eat healthy... 

At times it could be the hormones! why not hang out with some of it close friends or watch a comedy movie anything that will lift up ur mood

Divert mind other ur fav songs programs .pray god.thru out my pregnancy i was crying now i realise i shud hav diverted my mind instead of crying

first trimester is bumpy mood wise. go watch a movie. if the movie is romantic you will find yourself crying. a good way to get the weepiness out of ur system

Relax and do what you enjoy.... Its happens due to hormonal changes and we experience lots of mood swings... Its normal

these feelings are quite common during pregnancy... try to listen to good music...relax...learn something new... like diy things... enjoy.. and share ur feelings hwre in baby chakra

getting emotional and crying for no reason is common during this phase.  talk to your partner or someone you are close to . go out do something you feel happy doing.  

take everything easy.. divert your mind...

Hey Riddhi blame it on your hormones... During pregnancy these things happens... You become extra emotional...
just engage yourself in stuffs you like... listen to good music... watch movies, read books, painting...and whatever you like... Catch up some friends...  take care.

during pregnancy our hormones makes us feel like that. whenever u'll be idle u might catch negative thoughts like this. so the only solution is to keep doing something to keep urself busy nd happy. u can watch TV, Listen to ur favr8 song or trending songs, u can sketch, paint, draw, read, call ur frnds, mom, nd many things like that. hope u'll feel better

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