Anybody can share what to use in diapers as Summer started rash getting worse plz suggest

U should use Himalaya Diaper Rash cream.Results are good n also keep the area diaper free for sometime

I always used B4 nappi cream before wearing diaper.

You should use any premium diapers but do give diaper free time. Also apply rash cream while every change. You can use b4 nappi cream. Its very mild n effective.

Clean the area well and also before you put diapers apply Moms Co natural baby diaper rash cream which acts as a barrier between the baby skin and wetness to prevent the diaper rashes and keeps the area soft and smooth and also during every change let baby be diaper free for few mins

Always apply mama earth diaper rash before making baby wear diaper. Also don't let ur baby stay in diaper always. Do change it after every 3 hours. And also leave no diaper time for baby. U should massage ur baby with baby nourishing oil . That will also keep ur baby skin healthy and rash free.

Use coconut oil n mama earth diaper rash cream its best