Personal question

My husband loves me lot after my child birth he don't have much attachment after my delivery m in my mom's house n once he came to see me due to covid but is it normal he don't remember my child? When I ask him u don't remember our child he says me m not in touch with her so I don't have much attachment n after getting in touch with her it will happen

Hey may be he dint mean that he doesn't love the child... But it's always better to build a bond between the father and baby. Give the baby in his arms.. ask him to help you.. when are you planning to go back home ???

After 3mnths of my delivery

Hi Anon he is a father so attachment should be there inspite of he seeing or not seeing the child, anyways why dont you create the bond? I'm sure you make video calls, speak to the baby about her father often, talk to him about the baby, send pics. Things will settle, do not worry.