My girl is 4 months old. I used to breastfeed her 4 times a day and the rest of the times she used to be on formula. but recently, I couldn't breastfeed her due

to my illness and she was on formula all the time. I want to breast feed her again but can't due to low supply of milk. pls suggest how to increase the milk supply.

Hi Prachi. Supply will increase when you feed more. You can start expressing your milk often. That will also increase supply. Do refer to our useful articles on breastfeeding

The more you feed the more milk is made. Which means that you either latch baby on often or if baby is refusing to latch due to low supply then you need to express frequently till the supply builds up. In the mean while please avoid the use of bottles as this will cause more of an aversion to the breast and even when the supply has settled baby may refuse to latch. You can take satavarex powder with milk twice a day to support your expressing efforts.