in my pregnancy my weight increasd 25kgs and my weight is 68 iwas taking insulin in my pregnancy last 4weeks now im trying hard to lose weight 40min walking excercises and my weight lose 4 kgs and again in few weeks it increased iwant to lose 25kgs pls soon as psbl anydiet or plan

How many weeks post partum are you ? are you still breast feeding ? a mom who is breast feeding and in the first six months post delivery should not expect to loose more than 1 and a 1/2 to 2 kilos per month. No crash or fad diets. Eat healthy, small portions but all meals, aim at five to six mini meals a day plus exercise for an hour every day. take a break if you are tired as it can affect your immunity. Please consult a nutritionist for a weight loss plan to suit your individual needs.