I am feeling extremely tired. I am in 3rd month. Not able to focus and complete the day. In my first preg it was super normal.

What could be wrong? Any home remedies

Dr Sweta Patel Dr Debashish Sarkar Dr Shubhanjali Sen Dr please help on this question

This is due to the weather conditions and due to the first timester pregnancy. First of all don't panic and don't worry.
Just hydrate your self with minimum of 3 liters of fluids . Like water shikanji chach and fresh fruit juices. And take some candy for the tastes . Take small frequent meals. Take fruits also. I hope u will feel good. Even check for your Hb status with your doctor.

Hi completely normal Swati, drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

Hii swati I would advise to go for haemoglobine, vitamin-b12 ,and vitalmine -D3 check up. U can drink vital-z powder two table spoon in glass of water 2-3 times in a day. Take proper nutritional high protein diet.