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hi my baby is given medicine supplement for fulfilling his nutritional requirements as he was born premature .we ate gibing him since 3 months as advice by doctor and would continue problem is each time of his medicine I have to express breast milk and mix medicine in milk and feed him.with bottle. can expert please suggest which is the best way to gibe medicine to infants, mixing it with whole feed in bottle is good or bad ? or what can be the correct way of gibing him medicine.. this medicines are calimax , vit d 3 , multivitamin, iron.

its better to feed him with a paladai...add prescribed drops of each medicine to 1 paladai that to all medicines...4 medicines 4 paladais of milk

after each medicine give 1 paladai only that the baby wont feel any vomiting sensation...

its better to avoid he s a premature one der r more chances of be careful..paladai feeding is the best...

You can give him the medications independent of the feed as well. With a dropper or thru the bondla as suggested