hi im breast feeding for a 2 mnth old baby she doesn't get any effect of cold r cough frm me....I fed to my sis son who is 1 mnth old...he got cold nw my sister is telling tat her son got affected by cold bxoz of my breast milk...I feel so bad abt it.... will it happen changing of breast milk will affect the baby ..I feel very guilty pls help me...

Hey dear.. as far as I know babies won't catch cold through breast milk.. I myself have fed my baby when I had cold n she was fine.. the only way they would catch cold if they are not properly covered on in close contact with someone who has cold.. so don't be guilty.. it's not because of ur breast milk.

thank u akanksha.....if I hv the cold infection even my baby will get it she is very fine....Im really feeling very bad..

First and foremost we catch an infection but we don't have the symptoms immediately. Which means cold virus enters my body but I don't start sneezing and coughing. At this time my body starts making antibodies to fight this virus. The milk also carries the antibodies. This means that my baby gets natural immunity. Hence virus does not pass thru breast milk. However if you sneeze on baby and baby is yet to develop the immunity then may catch cold. This is probably what happened with your sisters child. If your sister was not comfortable then it is best that you don't cross feed as it can cause issues like this.

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