I am 35weeks pregnant & my baby is in breech position since 1 last month,how to make it recover in.normal.position ? as my dute date is 14th feb2017.

I have no any other problems. no pain feeling

& baby growth is about 2.5kg my BP is in control.

reply as soon as possible

Speak with your doctor if you can try some postures to turn a breech baby. Then try some inverted postures like the dog pose from yoga. You can also try the pelvic tilt. Do these postures a few times a day.

my doctor suggested operation before due date as I am not even feeling pain or any complication so I am confused what to do? problem is only baby is in breech position..otherwise there is full chance to be normal delivery.

if baby remains breech it will be a cesarean. discuss on your next doc visit.

what to do for recovering breech to normal?

which type of breech is...frank breech , footling, complete breech

I dnt know mem..he writes relax breech in report but sometimes I feel headache & vomiting typs n baby is moving a lot

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