hii son will be 3 this October. he is super hyperactive.he doesnot listen to anything.he is not interested in learning anything.he speaks only few words.he always want mobile. he watches spiderman whole time.

i am worried about his speech development,language skills,vocabulary,educational skills.

please guide me what should i do.he is not learning anything.

My friend once told me never expect lots with kids , coz once you do its too difficult.. they will learn .. you come up with some creativity .. if he likes spiderman ,make your activities with the character .. eventually your kid may start liking it and join you .. start with lesser time and then later on make the activities for longer period.. and of he doesn't do one activity try another and after few days try the 1 st one again .. I did that and it worked too.. hope this helps you too..

or sorry thanks deepali

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