M a breastfeeding mom of 2 month old baby m facing constipation problem can I have ayurvedic granule churan plz suggest

You need to seek a homeopathic treatment since you are breastfeeding change in diet is very much recommend include more fibre and minimum 2.5lt water daily include more of soaked raisins in your diet every morning

Due to lockdown no homeopathic over here I drink water ,2.5 lt. But still doesn't work plz is it harmful fr my baby if I have granule churan ayurvedic?

Which one please share image

Any other medicine that you are taking, also confirm if you have blood sugar

Only calcium medicine

Take for one week and see difference what happens is all these churans medicines are habbit forming
So I will want you to do is First of all you should start taking a high fibre diet, incorporate more of fruits, green leafy vegetables and salads in diet..Drink plenty of water....You should always take walk after meals and follow daily workout regime....With that fallow relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation,avoid alcohol, smoking, coffee, tea Consult nearest physician or gastroenterologist they will do the needful.