I have ectopic pregnancy, Doctor gave me one dose of methotrexate at beta HCG 388 , On 4th and 7th day beta HcG was 264 and 154 respectively. But I had TVS on 19th day and size was (20*14*14)mm. Doctor said if size will not decrease after one week follow up then operation will be done. I have taken advise of two other doctors they said no need of operation because size is small, it will take time to dissolve said wait for one month n then check the size again. I want to ask that How much time it will take to dissolve tissues completely. Will it be ok with the same treatment??? I m really worried. TIA🙏🙏

Whole day is about to pass by noone give answer of my query

I will advise to to go for a blood test first if the beta HCG continues to fall then no need because the treatment itself is very dangerous the treatment that has been given to you is life support treatment in a way

Mam my beta HCG falling down it's only 44 now ,which is at 23 rd day after methotrexate

It will shed in a weeks time let us hope and wait 99% it will

Thank mam I will tell you the report after one week

Gunjan all well? Have you got done the reports

Mam I will go for test on Monday or Tuesday .I will surely share the reports with u thank u mam for it concern

Good evening mam, today my beta HCG is 23 at 34th day after methotrexate. Give some advice doctor, what should I do,????

It is falling you need to see your dr again

Okk mam by why it decreases at low rate rather than before