first of all thank you expert for answering my question.Now i am curious about my sleep cause usually its more than 4 hours or sometym 7 hours and sometime morning 4 afternoon 4 10 hours at night lol
        Here i would like to share my pregnancy history..during 6_7 week i did 3 sonography one is before yolk seen and after heart beat start,and report was showing there is perimal sac collection(blood clot) with g sac of 8*6mm reduced to 5mm.and my doctor said i count among tht 2% out of 100 woman who possibly can give abnormal birth,although she will watch baby activity and all test time to time..and my blood test also good with slight urine infection and with normal thyroid.doctor has given me complete bed rest.during this rest many time m facing low bp problem and bad mood swings with pokr diet.
plzz suggest me some helpful tips on my history and m going to sonography again this month on 10 oct..thank you

I believe the best tip that I can offer is to keep positive. When you hear such scary statements it can get over whelming. Focus on eating healthy and ensure that all Prenatal check ups are on track.

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