Mam my baby is 164 days today (5 1/2 months).

1) But still he is not holding his head properly sometime. Bending left side only.

2) During breast feeding he is drinking 3-5 mins only right side and left side drinking 20 mins till enough to him.

What are the reasons for the above two questions mam. Plz help......

He is premature baby mam with 34 weeks 2 days.

do not worry Sona for premature babies the milestone are met late inlife compare to to a normal child you have forgot to mention your baby's weight kindly mention his weight at the time of birth and his weight now also please mention in entire day how many times do you breastfeed

His birth weight is 2.4 kgs and now 4.75 kgs.
I will do breastfeed 8-10 times in a day mam.

That is a normal weight baby is active?

Yes mam baby is active

Yes mam baby is active