I m in 39th week. Since night before having vaginal and lower abdomenal pain.. Yesterday doctor did internal check but baby's head is still not down.

EDD 1st August. Doctor said chances are low that by then the head will fix by then. Pain Reason sited by doctor is that my pregnancy weight is high.

Elders saying since didn't eat much of heated things so late, etc.

Please advise what can be done for head to fix and go under normal delivery.

Can I please see your ultrasound report quickly

I had done last ultrasound on 7th July

Yes this is very important looking at your ultrasound report which is normal but you have already crossed 36 weeks and if on 1st August you don't feel pain then you need to see your gynecologist and also the baby weight is more than 3 kg by now

Baby is born on August 1 and surprisingly baby didn't touch 3kg