Hello I do my ultrasound where yolk sac is visible but no embryo seen. And sub chorionic hematoma detect and light spotting someone. Doctors give me injection and sustan 300. Is it normal in 5 weeks

Hi please share your report pic here with new question.. doctor will guide you..

Hi you have to wait till you get to see the heart beat of the fetus, until then pregnancy is not confirmed.. go for repeat scan after 2 weeks.

You need to speak to your dr also get a betahcg test done the sac looks fine but spotting you are getting since when how many days have passed

From 29july to 4th August light spotting one or two time in a day

Speak to your doctor about proluton injection it is very important and please bed rest

Thanks doctor..
3 fertigyn HP (5000n) injection weekly.

We are definitely going to repeat this ultrasound in a week's time and Meanwhile the bleeding should stop but if this bleeding increased that is a serious issue for us

Now my bleeding is stop.and doctor ask me to do ultrasound next week.