How to remove dandruff from my 4year girl's hair ??

apply coconut oil daily. you can apply alovera gel before shampoo. apply curd on scalp for 15 minutes and then wash hair.

Use mamaearth shampoo and oil for babies ❤️'s very good for their sensitive skin and remove dandruff too

Apply lemon or curd. Then shampoo.. keep the scalp clean ..

You can be using Moms Co natural baby hair oil which is a combination of 10 powerful oil and the tea tree oil in it will help to control the dandruff problem.

Use Mamaearth shampoo, good for the sensitive skin and helps to remove dandruff too.

Hello...I should apply mamaearth tea tree anti dandruff shampoo with ginger oil nd conditioner ..these r very effictive nd gud result