Hello mam,i am 8 weeks pregnant and my TSH level is 13.6 t4 is prescribed 75 mcg thyroxine sodium tablets which i was using from 2 there any issue to my baby.Please explain clearly and diet plan at this time for me.

Dr Sweta Patel BINDULIKA TYAGI Dr Puneeti Ballega Gandotra Dr please help on this question

Hi as long as you eat your thyroid tablets regularly nothing to worry. Have a balanced home cook food.

Dont miss ur thyroid medication. Once u r on thyroid treatment ur baby will not b affected. Dont worry .

Take regular tab empty stomach .
No harmful effect on your baby
Take protein rich balanced diet
Remain in touch with your doctor.

Take medicine regularly and repeat level of tsh at and of 3 month to check it came to normal level or not which is must