hi dear mommies ... I am in my 25th week and having twin pregnancy. I feel very heavy in my abdomen . because of which my doc has asked me to raise foot of my bed by putting brick bed legs. when I am sleeping on this bed my foot is elevated than my head but I am feeling really uncomfortable in this posture n moreover I feel my blood is rushing to my head and I m feeling heavy head. is there any other way to move my babies upward ?? because sleeping in this posture is bothering me all the more.

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) can u help pls ?

yes thanks for the tag Harneet Khurana

I had swollen feet and similar issue during my twin pregnancy. we could not raise the bed so I got two really fat and hard pillows made from the local guys who make pillows and mattress. I used to keep my foot raised by keeping on two pillows. it will be ok if you Lie on your back, but will need adjustment to sleep on your side. all the best mommy... take care :-) it is difficult but you will miss the times

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