my baby has just complete 7 month he is not sleeping more then half an night he is not sleeping straight 2 ar 3 hrs plźz suggest me is this normal ar how he will start sleeping good.

A seven month old should be able to sleep thru for six to eight hours at a stretch especially at night. Keep your little ones days noisy and bright and naps times short. At night even if baby awakens do not talk or start lights. A little bit of crying is fine and slowly the baby will learn how to sleep thru.

but mam he is not sleeping in day too ..

dear abhishek , can u give me more detail abt how baby used to sleep before all this started n if he is breastfeed or formula , has started solids . he might have gotten too exhausted n cant put himslef to sleep. I strongly suggest u to try n give him rest becoz tired babies can get sick.

he is crying so mich when he want to sleep.and in sleep he rub his nose n awake not sleep mre then 20 ar 30 minhe is breat feed and cerelac both and little bit dal water .