Feeling really low on energy .I am in my 26th week.How do you guys manage it ? Any quick fixes?

Dr Khushboo Pandey Dr Queen Aditya Dr Poonam Mishra Dr please help on this question

Hi drink plenty of water, include nuts , cooked sprouts in your can also go for walking inside your compound.

Yes, Rebecca conveyed very well everything. One more thing ,visit your doctor to get any ailment ruled out... Anaemia, Hypertension, GDM and many other problems can also make you feel low...

Blood sugar, haemoglobin, thyroid status to be found out.
Vitamins, protein powder, electrolyte drinks, occasional glucose if no contraindications.

There r many reason for feeling low
It may b bcoz of lack of nutrition , low hb, etc
Consult ur gynaecologist n get ur checkup done
Like blood sugar , Hb, usg n all