How much ghee is too much for 16 month old baby? Is there liver week to digest fatty food?

Harneet Khurana Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Dr. Payal M pls help

u can gv  1 to 2tsp per day...if ur startin for the first time..start wit drops and gradually increase..ghee can be digested son takes 3 spoons from 8 th month daily

Actually my daughter likes to eat ghee namak with roti. And I make her suji halwa in two tea spoon oil. But my MIL was saying don't give her ghee.

use ghee..avoid oil... homemade ghee the best! i add ghee in everytn...his dosa also made in ragi porridge i add ghee.. it adds taste and gud for wt gain an healthy..

i found it was gud to avoid constipation too..

i add ghee to everything. veggies, rotis, dosas, rice...
its better than oil

i add ghee to everything... god know how and when it became a food to be avoided !! all marketing gimmicks by mnc's.. pl use.. start with drops n gradually increase..  use oil as less as possible