My son who is 7 yrs old... makes weird noises all the day while watching t.v , while playing ... some grunting sounds.. and from last few weeks... he's bilnking his left eye.. at regular intervals... what to do... ? M so tensed.. should I see a doctor or what?

Hi Laxmi do not panic, does he do all this for fun? Did you speak with him? He is 7 yrs old so I'm sure he can tell you.

Yes.. I asked him he said.. the sound comes from his throat.. and he cannot control it.. I guess its become a habbit... and when he tries to control it.. his breathing becomes a little noisy.. like he's making an extra effort for breathing... but what I have noticed that mostly ahe makes such sounds whenever he is sitting idle.. not while he is busy.. and for his eyes I guess need to see a doctor.. he already has dandruff in his eyelids.. so I am much worried about it.. ? Can you tell if there is any treatment for dandruff in eyelids?

Please speak with his doctor clearly and take his opinion. There is no home remedies for dandruff in eyes, do what the doctor suggest.

Doctor says that there is no any cure.... we only can use baby shampoos for cleaning eyes... and he gave an ointment.. just to get flakes out... which we cannot use regularly..