Good evening all!

My 6th month started on 1st Sept.. since last one month I have been having palpitations(pulse almost bet 125-130.BP is normal).. I mean I can literally feel my heart beating so fast. Off lately I can even feel the throbbing/pounding in my throat.. so palpitation and throbbing together makes me really uncomfortable.

The sugar and thyroid that was done were normal..

I tested positive for corona on 25th July. Was in hospital for a week.was given HCQS and Montair LC for 5 days.. ECG was fine, blood tests were the Dr says it's bcoz of anxiety and pregnancy combined..

Can somebody please help me clear my doubts and tell me what it really is? Anything serious??

Yes palpitations is normal in pregnancy, You have gone through a nightmare so you are scared now which is making your palpitations more. Yoga will help, check if you can join online.

Rebecca Prakash , thanks for replying.. how normal is it? Do you know of anybody who's also gone through it?

Dr. Farah Adam please guide.