Mam my baby is 2 year 2 month now she is not talking as much as this year age baby do. She only speak two three words what should I do

Keep talking to the baby always . Encourage her to speak.. play rhymes in the background...should improve gradually...

Learn about your child’s speech development milestones: Excerpts from a live chat with Speech therapist, Merzia - Part I

Thank you mam hope she speak soon

She will.. stay positive and keep talking.. tc

Dnt worry at all for this dear. Every child is different and unique. They grow at their own pace. Certain babies cover the milestones even before ther appropriate age while certain takes time to cover up. But dnt worry. Put in efforts to read to your baby daily. Listening develops the speaking habbit. Talk to him, tell stories, prompt her to speak in your mother tongue. Stay blessed❤️

Thank you all for the help