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Extreme fever upto 103°F sometimes 101,102 for the last four days in 32 week of pregnancy. Whole body aches especially the ache in head is severe. I could not sleep for the last 3-4 days,cry sometimes. fever goes down after taking dolo 650 and zifi 200. But sometimes again extreme shaking cold and shivering follows and Had to make use of warm blankets. Gone through test of malaria (negative), typhoid (negative). Please see the blood reports attached and reply what should I do. I am thinking of getting admitted to Hospital but will it be any worth. I have already met two doctors but all the medicine they gave were dolo 500 n then dolo 650 with zifi 200. Please doctors and veterns suggest. Is my baby ok. What should I do?

The reports look ok were you suffering from urine infection initially e during second trimester pregnancy

Yes..In second trimester I had urine infection. But now the medicine above works for just 3 hrs.. after that again fever and chills and now hardening and soreness of breast with little milk coming out

Has Dr told you to do a cmv test

No..doc said to go through cbc and CRP test!

CBc you have already done but your CRP is left with this also speak to your doctor about cmv

Okay. Doctor. What do u think i am suffering from?

I will not say suffer because reports are fine we need further evaluation crp and cmv will help us conclude

Okay doc thanks for ur concern