Worried about my 2 yr 4 months son's nutrition. Does not eat any vegetables, curd, dal etc. Don't know what all can I give him! Or eats dry roti with butter and milk.

What is his ideal diet in a day can you please mention it here

Yes Dr. Priyanka. He has a ajwain chapati with butter in morning and then takes bath and has milk from bottle. Then in afternoon has one stuffed(carrot or cheese or dal) chapati with butter. Then after one hour has milk and goes to sleep. After waking up has an apple or banana if he is in mood. Then at night has sweet dalia or Halwa or rice and after 2 hours has milk and goes to sleep.

Basically thr is not much variety to give. I m really worried . I feel guilty at times that I don't feed him well.

Hi please dont feel guilty, just offer whatever you can. Make the meal time pleasant and dont force feed.

My daughter is also around this age and I have started giving her BabyOrgano' BaalAmrut suvarnaprashan immunity booster ?ref=339. Helps in many things.

Here I would like to add a few things I don't see much of millets included in his diet millets are very very helpful Especially for children below 10 years of age millets are very Wholesome in nutrition also I see a gap in fruits and vegetables of him tomato soup everyday the tomato soup should not be a fancy one either you can simply chopped tomatoes and Sprinkle black salt and give this to your baby at least before meal or so before evening meal you can start this and gradually you will see that your baby's diet is increasing also make sure you do not feed curd at night specially in winter keep a portion of vegetable in his two of the meals that is during the daytime lunch keep a vegetable and dal and at night also keep a vegetable and a Dal if you are not able to prepare vegetable twice a day make sure your giving carrot with cucumber and beetroot try to give smoothies in evening avoid excess butter instead give homemade gheी possible

Ok Priyanka mam. Thanks a lot for all guidance 🙏

Thank you Rebecca Prakash ji 🙂