hi, I'm a mom of a two month old, I had gained 20 kgs during pregnancy, soon after delivery I dropped 12 kgs. I was 88 kg during my delivery now I am 73. I am not on any diet, I just have regular short walks(10 mins). is this drop of weight healthy?

don't worry i gained 25 kgs .... 97 kg was my wi8 at d tym of delivery..... and now m 62 .... its coz my baby is on breastfeeding n he is super naughty i lost my wi8 widout any efforts ... i do only my home chorus

but yes it will take tym .... i took a yr

it's normal dear. immidiate after delivery 10-15kg weight will reduce delivery weight gain on loss depends on individual worries enjoy your motherhood.

Yes this weight loss pattern is normal. Regular walks and a healthy diet will help you to gradually shed the Pregnancy weight. About two kilos per month is normal.