Please advice.

I have been practicing kathak since 3 years. It is emotionally painful to quit dancing. I would like to dance as long as I can. But I want to know has anyone practised any dance through pregnancy.? I m quiet healthy, no nausea, vomiting or anything.

Hi yes I know someone, will tag her. She will guide you.

Hi dear... It feels great to know someone who is passionate about dancing like me... I had started learning kathak when I was not even 10 years old... It's been pretty long. It's more like a feeling... Emotional attachment. Dance brought me joy, and I continued dancing as and when possible. I had started with my dance classes around 2 yrs back, and few months later came to know of my second pregnancy. I had a super active toddler, who was 2+ yrs old then, and I was pretty active n healthy too. No health issues as such, except some backache occasionally and acidity at times. I didn't want to leave dancing, but most people were against me continuing with taking classes anymore. I asked my gynecologist who told me it depends on case to case, in my case she said that I can dance till the date of my delivery 😂 and so I continued... My students appeared for their poorna exams when I was 7 months pregnant. I took classes till 8th month. If you are healthy, no complications, and have been given a go ahead for regular exercise, you can. Any new form of exercise we shouldn't start as they say, but if your body is habituated it shouldn't be a problem. Just take care to go easy, don't force your body. Don't do jerky movements. While taking chakkars, take extra care. Ofcourse, discuss this with your gynecologist first. All the very best!!!

Thank you so much Akanksha Bhuri.. it's really encouraging to know. I will consult my gynae and go ahead 💃

Never leave your passion Lalitha , looking forward to see your dancing pics.

Thank you Rebecca Prakash :)