My baby is 1.5 years old. She suffers from urine infection repeatdly. Why she is suffering from urine infection??? What precautions should I take to prevent this?? Urine infection keeps hindering her growth. She is 9.5kg in weight.

Ok so I have checked your reports do not worry but how old is your baby right now if you are baby is already 18 months and above the weight is less also tell me in a day how many times do you pass on water for drinking if you can tell me an estimate of how many full glasses a day your baby is taking

My baby is exactly 18months old right now. N she drinks very less water that too I make her drink forcefully. She is totally on milk only . She has teething but do not eat anything at all. If I make her eat anything forcefully she vomits everything taken earlier too. She is quite irritated now a days also. Dr. Priyanka Patel

She will be irritated Shradha this is because of the infection there is constant uneasiness while urinating because the baby is small she cannot explain it what you need to do it has your doctor giving you any prescription after this week was definitely he would have passed you an alkaline solution
After seeing her reports I will advise you to at least give her lemon water twice a day 30ml minimum n start citralka

Okay Dr. Priyanka Patel . Thank u

For at least 12 days a minimum of a week follow this guideline and after 15 days we will review definitely the baby will recover do not worry weight gain treatment we will start after 15 days and we will repeat the urine test as well