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hello, my 8 months daughter does not drink water as she should be, she has a very firm stool and difficulty while doing that. she doesnt like fruit juices.. i tried giving nimbu sharbat, orange juice, various combinations.. please suggest any medicine for now..

Give your baby soaked raisins mixed in her food as well as pear and papaya on a regular basis. Keep offering her small sips of water thru the day. You can feed with a vati spoon of required.

make her drink water. I was told to force feed by palada for a while once I did that my son has ample water today. other than this give her fiber food which will help . you can cook 2-3 spoons of rice with a spoon of dal and veggies and mix it in a mixer and feed it is better. inbetween food keep feeding water.

hi Kanchan.. wht Sonali mam said really works . my son is of the same age n even he doesn't like to drink water . I do give him soaked raisins n this has really helped him