Mummas, I live in joint family with my 22months old son. My in laws always teach bad things to my son like hitting n tell him see ur mumma doesn't give u food when angry, etc.

My fil sometimes hits my sons bum in masti. When I tell my husband he things I'm putting too many restrictions n that his parents cam never do wrong.

What should I do plz suggest

We should take the things positively.... we can't change anyone.. we should change ourself..... be positive

I understand.. happens in a joint family.. spend more time with the baby and tell stories and teach him morals .. convey your message indirectly to the in-laws too.. gradually as the baby grows up things will be fine... Talk to your husband too ...

It happens, tell them not to teach all this. And dont worry your son will learn good things from you, in the night you can speak with him..