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How long does it take to get pregnant after taking thyroid medication ?

Hi there is no such time line, thyroid medication is just to control your thyroid level.

Do watch this. You can post your questions

If thyroid is reason for infertility how long weeks required to get pregnant

It always depends on the level please post the reports the ideal conclusion can come only after your reports are being concluded well

Please find my report

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Tell me your age please and how long you have been married and since how long you have been trying for a baby any reports done for your husband suggest Semen analysis more reports done for you such as blood report including blood sugar and female hormones

Hi my age is 32 and we are trying for second baby . I am trying for baby from past 7 months. My husband's semen analysis is done and it's normal as per the doctor. My other blood test for hormones are done all are normal and only thyroid was high. Vaginal infection test done and it's negative and even done pap test. I have one more test on next week that is hsg test . I am taking thyroid tablets from past 7 weeks

I cannot see the dates on the report so I believe you are already taking medicines and then you got your thyroid checked or your thyroid was checked earlier and later on the medicines have started

I got my report on Aug 15 and then on Aug 19 I started to take 50mcg thyroid tablets.

We need to give a minimum of two months

Ok doctor so I asked as it's been 7weeks from taking this tablet and I heard hsg test increases the chance of getting pregnant is it true??