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what is the use of taking painless vaccine . does baby get fever if we take painless vaccine?

painless vaccine se fever nahi ata...

painless vaccine as name suggests no body pain no fever

i suggest to give painfull ones.. with paracetamol drops fever is under control. i have heard that painless vaccines are banned at many places and they have less effectiveness than painfull ones. still you can take your decision dear. i have give a suggestion.
my babies are premiee.. still i had given them painfull ones and trust me with only two day mild fever they r back to normal. Jus give paracetamol drops as suggested by the doc who give vaccine to your child. if incase the child get swelling than apply thrombophorbe tube

Thanks a lot Dhara

The discomfort is less but sometimes it may not be completely gone in a painless vaccine as well. it is subjective and depends on each individual.