Hello all,

I need few things to be clarified regarding weight..

My daughter birth weight:2.8kg



Is it good gain .....

Was your dilivery normal? Baby had any troubles? You had blood sugar blood pressure thyroid.please mention

I had c-section,thyroid was high during first trimester,whereas in second nd third trimester thyroid was normal nd I had mild BP 130/90

My breast leaks a lot I have excessive milk

can please brief me about blood sugar

are you breast feeding your baby properly every one and half hour

Yes for every two hours I am feeding her

Right now it looks fine I will want you to revisit the weight at 3.5 month if it crosses 7 kgs then there is a need to see pediatrician ones for check up of the vitals

Okay ...
Solution for breast leak

Express it and if the milk is in excess then you can also think for breast milk donation not all the mothers are blessed and have an opportunity to donate the breast milk

As of now weight gain is good na !?