my 2 year baby, is SUDDENLY fussing like anything..I have been losing my mind. not want to sleep, getting up in night crying so much. I have been listening day will sleep eventually..I cant tolerate it anymore. eating habbit was already so poor, now I cant mange with these again... baby chakra is so poor now..nobody responds well among 1 or 2 mother's. every time we post only those reply... we should rather delete this app.

Easy Ways To Make A Toddler Sleep

How to make a fussy toddler eat

Hey what happened... Why so much of annoyed dear.. we all are here to help each other ...
Well all of us have gone through this phase .. my personal experience as my baby was not eating properly and used to wake up with even a pin drop.. gradually she has started eating everything and has developed a taste of her own which I never thought of.. so have patience .. give everything you are eating .. give fruits and banana milkshake.. keep evening play time and put on music while the baby plays .. give proper dinner at night , something heavy like rice or roti ... Milk has a soporific value give warm milk at night .. Also take care of yourself and give some time to spend your hobbies.. you will feel fresh ..

Fussy Eater Management: Simplified!

Getting to the Bottom of Why your Baby doesn’t Sleep!

Relax dear . U are just getting worked up . Fr ur baby .kids get fussy to grab our attention . U have to involve baby in activities . Coloring , music, dancing ...they are v v energetic . If baby is getting up at night don't let baby sleep in day . Change his sleeping pattern.... About eating understand it's not imp to eat in quantity it's imp to eat right . Give nuts , dry fruits . High fiber food . Check if baby is constipated.....your health n ur sleep is most imp . If u are healthy ur family is healthy . ..I used to keep my room dark . No lights no dim light so when my daughter would get up I would hold her again n she would sleep ..