Kya bchche ko multivitamin dena bhut jruri h.. Phla to gudia leti hi n h sari bhar nikal deti h or dusra uske muh m s bhut smell aati h ghr m b sb bolte rhte hn... Sahi m bhut gndi smell aati h kya koi alternative h?

Hi Nidhi
Baby ko nahlate samay apko clean karna chahiye muh ko jisase smell nahi ayegi . Or multivitamin ki dawa aap de sakte hai ,dawa dete hi aap baby ko kandhe par lijiye .

Mam mujhe banshlochan khane ki bhot aadat pad gyi... ye mere liye khana thik h ya nhi pls btaye

Mam smell dvayi ki hi aati h dvayi dene k bad fr pure din khtm n hoti

Hello how can we review products on flipkart ?pls help

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