I live with inlaws n 2years son n hubby.

My Fil wants to take my place.

He keeps telling son y u need mumma, what full day u r doing mummaaa mummaaa. I'm here ur dadi is here. My Mil has never taken good care of him.

My son when he used to fall or get hurt used to come to me n I would kiss n hug my son but now my Fil tells him dont go to mumma n kisses n hugs him.

I dont want my son to be close to them. What do I do

hi, according to me dont feel insecure..whoever tells,whatever tells no one can take a place of mother's love. Insecurity is a part of mother's love..but let your kid do what he loves..if he is enjoying with his grandparents let him enjoy and you also be a part of it..its just my opinion and my experience sharing with u..😊

Nothing to worry dear... You are the Mom and no one ever can take yoor place or replace you.. Also let grand parents take care of the baby and spend time.. that bonding is different.. recall your relationship with your grand parents... If they are genuinely good or even bad the child will be aware soon.. don't worry .. just do your duty and be happy that you have a helping hand.. tc

They are so insecure and they are trying to make you insecure.keep telling your son how much you love him.

Tell him fairytales in which that a boy loves mumma paa the most ! N he gets super powers n then keep repeating that story.
So it will set in his head.