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Hello Dr I'm 23 wks pregnant and my post prandial sugar is high 170. Can anybody suggest me solution to tc further? Also advise me diet plan accordingly

One hb1ac test required Nidhi what is your daily diet plan please mention from morning till night what is your dietary consumption

Pls find attached my hb test report and below my diet plan. 08:30am I eat poha/cheela/methi roti/ etc wd wo sugar tea n 4 soaked almond, 12pm I take wo sugar milk wd 2 biscuit, 01:30 I eat cucumber n beetroot salad than 2pm I take lunch 2 chapati/sbji / curd together. At 5pm I eat mosambi juice than 630pm I eat apple n pomegranate. Dinner time 8:30 I eat 2 chapati n daal. Before sleep at 1030 night I take 1 glass of non sugar milk. Sometime I eat rice as well in lunch time . This is my daily diet plan these days I like more rice dn chapati. Weekly twice I take coconut water also pure one empty stomach . I eat ice cream also sometimes. After all meal I do walk around 15 min

Dr. Priyanka Patel pls reply

Only two changes here first no Juice, only whole fruits, second stop white rice go for brown rice and keep it in loop as it will help you a lot to control sugar, addition to this diet is multigrain roti jiwar bajra chana gehu a mix of the attas.

Thanks u so much for your advice. I will continue d same