hello all,

I am feeling low from last 2days and also notice my tummy is showing less and have  back pain . I am not able to sleep properly .what should I do?

5 ways to get better sleep during pregnancy

if u feel something uneasy then plz consult ur dr

It happens sometimes. Speak with friends listen to music or just try and relax

may because of not having enough sleep u r feeling a little dizzy... mood swings are common during this time... take rest, if u don't feel like sleeping at least lye down for a

Hey sandhya..  Feeling low is quite normal.. Try to do wat u like... Like follow ur hobby.. Talk to sum1 u rely on..
Tummy showing less is also fine.. M 26 weeks pregnant n no bump.. So its fine till ur babys doing good..
Back pain is also normal.. Try using pillows n hot water bag...
Not a propr sound sleep is again normal.. Changing sides whole night is pretty much normal.. But wat u can do is try to take a nap during daytime..  N beforr goin to bed.. Do not use phones or tv.. Make d room dim 1 hour before going to bed.. Think positive while sleeping that evrything gonna b fine ☺️