heyyy mommies to be! anyone on complete bed rest due to short cervix??

i was on bed rest but for a different reason. Navneet Chhabra Shipra Dang can you help

i too was on bed rest for low lying placenta..
Plz rest.

i was on bed rest due to subchronic clot and marginal placenta previa

for how long Navneet Chhabra? did it benefit you? after how many weeks did they check your progress?

i was on bed rest due to short cervix.. do u hv a question on it.. feel free to ask..

Priyanka Maheshwari I'll contact you on personal chat

i was on complete bed rest for short cervix

Yes I am on bed rest due to incompetent cervix.

It happened with my bhabhi.... she delivered at 38 weeks..the moment stitches were removed ..

Dr.Dhanya Prajesh , Shipra Dang, shikha Singh .. how many weeks bed rest? I'm not able to find a comfortable position sleeping on my side with elevated feet! I need to be on full bed rest for 5w, only getting up to pass motion. 😔

i was from 5 week till delivery... it ll be difficult ..but u need to adjust urself by changing positions... listen to music etc an lie down..or get tv in the room an watch sometn... u hv no other choice dear..some sacrifices are worth doin...i did complete bed rest for 31 weeks..cant even think of tat nw..we r very strong wen it comes to enjoy ur bed to ur baby... after delivery u ll be full busy

Dr.Dhanya Prajesh that was really helpful. thank you so much! very motivating. can I know how much was your cervical length at the start n towards the end? n did you use your pelvis to raise yourself to turn to each side? sorry I'm pestering you with so many questions but I just want to make sure I'm on the right track.

hi.. my cervix was 2.5 the start...i hv severe cervical i did a procedure called TAC trans abdominal cerclage
.i got cervical lenght upto 4.5 cm in the end...yes i turned usin my pelvis but very slowly.. i hd stool softners to avoid constipation...u must not strain...u hv to keep movin ur legs to avoid blood clottin due to not keep movin ur legs ..jus mild shake ...rise ur toes up an down etc

thanks Dr.Dhanya Prajesh for all the help n info.

I am on bed rest since past 1.5 months with elevated feet. You can change sides as you feel comofortable. You can also take rest from elevated feet for sometime if you want. You have to limit your movements as much as possible. Onlu get up to pass motion. You can use diapers for passing urine. Avoid getting up frequently. If you have any specific question I am there to help you.

so sweet of you Shipra Dang. I'll open a personal chat with you

i was on rest till 5th month .from sixth month onwards .evry thing became normal . hold ur breath .really it was vry difficult for me to be on bed .i always thank god for giving my life back

God bless you all ladies, You all are sheros I say. I can't imagine myself in your position. And Dr.Dhanya Prajesh you are a miracle women, Shipra Dang and Anon all the best and be positive. lots of love.

thanks Navneet Chhabra. n you are right Rebecca Prakash

thank u dear Rebecca Prakash...we all are for motherhood.

I am on bed rest from 1.5 months now.. due to same reason.. I went through cervical cerclage in 18th week..
And yes it's difficult 😣😣

Aanchal how long are you adviced to take bedrest. ? Yes even I had cerclage done.

Doctor said till week 28
But as far as I know once you are done with cerclage you have to be careful through out the pregnancy...
So we can't roam like carefree birds till we have our magic creature in our arms now🙂

But slowly with time your doctor will allow you to roam around the house.. sit for while.. so don't worry.. stay positive