Any moms whose baby got Atopic dermatitis? Asking for a friend who delivered last and her son got.

# Psoriasis / xema
It is not infectious. Do not be afraid. It comes in any part of the body. The head, skin, the neck, the inside of the arms, the knees and around mouth. Often children ha in the face. There are many reasons for this. It is allergic to the disease.
What you can expect?
○ Red skin
○ irritation
○ skin dries with asthma and allergies
○ Skin infections caused by bacterial, fungal, or viruses can worsen the condition.
Why does it occur?
○ cold weather
○ Water deficiency
○ If you are having cold and asthmatic
○ If you have a Dust Allergy
○ There may be children who have the habit of keeping hands in the mouth.
There are many more reasons. The whole solution is not yet perfectly detected. However, follow these points to avoid being overly complex.
○ You have to take a lot of water
○ wash your hands frequently
○ Need to wipe the mouth with caution.
○ Sometimes wheat and eggplant should be avoided.
○ Exclusion of stress
○ Avoid perfumes or dyes, lotion or soap.
○ Be careful with pollen, animal hairs, dust, insects, allergies.
○Medical treatment
○ Drugs used to control eczema.
○ oral medicine
○ skin moisturising and creams.
○ Homoeopathic medicines are good for you.
My doctor recommended Bioderma Atoderm soap which is effective on dry skin.