Hii, according to my last period and 5th month scan. I am 31 weeks 1 day pregnant for today. But i had growth scan today and it says baby as grown to 34 weeks. So almost 3 weeks of growth has increased. My earlier delivery date was 20th feb and new one is 31st jan ? How can baby increase 3 weeks growth ? Is it normal? Ahoul i worry abt it ? Please tel me i am 1st time mom

Please share your ultrasound report here for evaluation also post 12 week scan

12 week scan is normal 21 is also normal where is recent one

Are you suffering from thyroid or blood sugar please let me know

Thyroid test had during 3rd month. It was normal. Glucose test i had last month that was also normal

Priyanka mam any updates? I am waiting for ur response

You need not to worry reports are conclusive of growth also one important thing purse has not told you to repeat tsh test again after 1 month?

No, doctor didnot asked to repeat TSH test.

I will advise you to talk to your Dr in next visit for tsh test again rest baby is doing fine do not worry

Ok mam. thanks a lot😊