Hey mam. My baby is 44 days old. My brest milk production is very low. I am unable to feed my baby. What should I do ?

To increase breast milk start shatavri powder and take at least 3 Lt water daily include more ajwain palak saunf and Dil leaves in your diet take more fruits typically oranges pomegranate and seasonal carrots

Try to drink more of milk. Have lotus seeds soaked in milk. Have dry fruits. Have a good diet filled with green veggies and fresh seasonal fruits.
You can consult the doctor for recommending you lactating powders. There are many available in the market.
If all this doesn't seem to work, there's always an option of fm.
My doctor recommended me Aptamil formula milk as it is closest to mother's milk.
It also has prebiotics in it which is a rare nutrient that enhances the baby's gut health and builds their immunity too.