I have a baby of 3 year baby. Husband family are too stringy conjuice and expect to save money in all things in food too. I want to leave the house and go far from everyone. Suggest some safe place for me

First panic agama , self fa vela irunda good. Family yoda pesunga. Ena solranga nu kelunga then finally if you wish to stay apart law molliyama ponga

Hey try to talk it out... Also if money is the issue then try to be a little independent.. but it's always good to stay together...

Madam, I am also a working woman but can't stay and live in that low minded people feeling mental torture too. First of all I won't one penny of money from him and won't even feel like eating in that bloody house too

Swetha,.Take help . Talk to them with your family.

Just be cool and talk to them... Else just ignore for sometime ... You life your way .. good to knkw that you are financially independent... then you should not worry so much... Be strong and ignore .... Stay happy , go out with close frievds ...

How are you feeling now dear?

Rebecca Prakash same mam. Please anyone help me cant explain what I am undergoing from past 5 years of marriage.

Will your parents help? Can you go and stay there and start working?

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