Mam Mujhe 7 month shuru Ho gya h Pta ni mera dil bhut ghbra ra h plz answer me

Pregnancy me aisa hona normal he ..Aap tension na le aur positive soche ..Aapko jo pasand ho wo activities wo kijie ..Nimbu pani nariyal pani aise liquid lete rahe ..Agar jyada pareshani ho to doctor ko dikhaye ..

Try to put yourself in a peaceful environment & take up meditation if you think that'll help. If a certain type of music relaxes you, play it out on a speaker instead of listening on headphones. Try to get a gentle massage from your family member once a week, if you feel too stressed. Anxiety & stress are normal during pregnancy. Do not panic or feel guilty if you're anxious/stressed. You're preparing to bring a whole new life into the world & these feelings are completely normal. Maintain a good diet. Eat small quantities of food multiple times in a day rather than 3 big meals to help with digestion. Drink plenty of water & fluids to stay hydrated. Do not try to stop/hold your urge to visit the restroom multiple times in a day. Try to take walks everyday for 20-30 mins, or, as long as you can manage. Visit a doctor if nothing helps.