Hi, my daughter will be turning 3 years old. Because of this lockdown she couldn't go to playgroup. I feel she is not able to learn being at home. She still speaks only 5 to 10 words, understands only mother tongue. She is not interested in books or listening to stories. What activities should I do which will be good for her development?

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Hi, dont worry..this situation is everywhere today! Check these articles, hope it helps! Give her colours box and book, let her do any doodling whatever she likes.. Dont force. she will learn. My child didn't like books but I read different books beside him daily. Then he started read n write after seeing me!!! If we SAY, they will not do but if we DO then they will surely do!!

Keep talking to her.. play music ans stories in the background..

Did you try audio stories with her? Do check out Heycloudy app.