Hello all,

I'm 22 weeks pregnant n im changing into a new job. But haven't mentioned about pregnancy to the company yet, joining date coming Monday. Is it compulsory to mention pregnancy now.? Or can I tell them later. I intend to work up until delivery.

Please advice

Yes, Its better to inform them about your pregnancy as 22 weeks are completed already. Take care.

You can takk directly to the HR..

Depending on how long you intend to work during pregnancy, you can either inform them immediately, or wait 3 to 4 weeks after your joining to inform them. You're not obliged to inform your direct superior (unless a company policy specifies so, it totally depends on your relationship with your boss), but since you don't have a relationship with your boss yet, do have a discussion with your HR to understand the company's process & policies.
20 to 22 weeks is usually when a lot of people give a courtesy notice to their team members, so this is definitely an awkward time to be changing jobs. You may or may not be eligible for pregnancy benefits sometimes, but that depends on the company.
You should enquire about company policies around pregnancy from your HR. Some companies won't extend benefits until the employee has worked with them for a certain period, & pregnancy benefits have such conditions, more often than not.

Please talk to HR and discuss maternity policy.