1.5years back we had a miscarriage of 2months pregnancy. My wife completed 7months of pregnancy. After that we went for next planned sonography and we came to know that baby had no heartbeats. This had became suddenly. And this time we took care of all possible things. Both times doctor gave us reason of GOD.

Can anyone please suggest what could be possible reasons or any test or any technology is there to find out the reason so that we control that next time in future.

My contact no. is 8237640249 if in case you want to directly talk to me

Ajay its unfortunate that she had miscarriage and I very well understand the pain as I have gone through the same but now I have a beautiful 3 yr old baby girl. Did your wife go through TORCH test? It's very important now, torch is toxoplasma, rubella, cmv and Herpes, theee are uterus centric viruses and it will stop the heart beat of the baby, but the good thing is it can be cured. So place discuss with your gynecologist about this test and proceed further. Good luck!

Thanks Rebecca. I'll discuss the same with the doctor.
This has happened twice. 1st was 2months of pregnancy and 2nd time it was of 7months

Pls do. Torch is curable