The place we live is extreme cold. My baby is 4months old good and healthy. Its extreme cold where i live, temp is around 11degrees and morning n mid night its below 5 degrees. I use mittens and socks continuously. Is this bad? When should i stop mittens and socks?

Thats fine you can use.. just avoid using at night... Use mustard oil to massage on the feet..if it's cold... After the temperature increases you can stop using socks etc..

You can use mittens n socks for the whole day no issues, just make sure to change them frequently when they are soiled, only while night you should remove them. In winters it is very cold n skin gets dry, use mustard oil with garlic to keep hands n feet warm, you can add jaiphal too to the oil. Alternatively, use moisture rich soap like Bioderma atoderm for bath, if it's too cold give bath alternate days with lukewarm water. Just keep the surroundings of the baby warm using heaters since small babies aren't able to regulate the body temperature.

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